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Top 10 OTT Solution Companies - 2020

The world of digital streaming and entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and shows no signs of stopping. 2019 alone was filled with a plethora of digital advancements driven by the growing smart home market and improvements in wireless with the addition of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies. Wi-Fi 6 boasts higher gigabits per second speeds and a wider range for faster and better connections throughout the home. OTT companies that adopt enhanced platform development strategies that harness the power of new wireless technology will be able to deliver a superior streaming experience and attract more subscribers.

Streaming television is another trend that is touching every corner of media, disrupting not only how content is distributed but also how it is created and by whom. Based on current viewing habits and untapped video segments, a big growth opportunity exists in live and linear OTT services, which are expected to be an integral part of the next generation of OTT video.

Amidst great content and extensive marketing, the technology behind the OTT platforms are is also advancing. AI allows OTT providers to better understand what content to buy, which clienteles are more likely to churn, how to present the content, and which ads to serve to viewers, who match the demographic profile the advertiser is seeking, and so on. The use of blockchain in the OTT domain is another trend that is expected to increase in the coming years. Blockchain enables content creators and distributors to store, archive, copyright, and distribute digital content.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of OTT solution providers in the media and entertainment industry with advanced and integrated offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed OTT solution providers, Media and Entertainment Tech Outlook has compiled a list of leading OTT solution providers that are revolutionizing the entertainment ecosystem at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Media and Entertainment Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 OTT Solution Providers – 2020.

    Top OTT Companies

  • i2i Media is an award winning provider of internet and streaming video solution for companies worldwide. Over the years, i2i Media has continued to work on projects that allowed them to build up a big portfolio of IP. Today, the company provides video and display solutions for a wide range of clients ranging from Hollywood studios to local charities. One of the key roles that i2i Media fulfills is to crystallize what the customer wants and needs. With the increasing use of OTT and webcams driven by the social changes resulting from COVID-19, i2i Media has been super keen to create new solutions during these last few months but to keep all of this IP in house


  • Applicaster


    Applicaster is a world-leading cloud-based platform for app development and content distribution, providing the tools and insights needed to own and engage audiences across all platforms and devices.The company innovative platform enables nearly endless functionality, provided through formal integrations, an open plugin environment, and tools for development and design. Applicaster-powered apps are used by millions of viewers worldwide everyday, by audiences of customers including DirecTV, Fox, ProSiebenSat.1, CONMEBOL, Televisa, TV Azteca, Funke Mediengruppe, WGN America, Hearst, and more

  • Bitcentral


    Founded in 2000, Bitcentral is a software company that provides efficient media workflows and customized solutions to maximize the value of video content. The company Core News™ solution is the No. 1 news production platform in the U.S. reaching millions every day; Central Control™ provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all the processes that converge into playout; while FUEL™, our most innovative and industry-changing Linear on Demand™ streaming solution, is creating an easy path to new digital revenue

  • CTV Media

    CTV Media

    CTV Media, Inc. is a media planning and placement firm specializing in regional and national spot cable buys. Founded in 1980 by Kathryn Dixon, CTV Media, Inc. is a solely owned entity. We are unique in that we provide proprietary analytics for TV like that of digital allowing for optimization of media schedules and detailed ROI. CTV Media offers a streamlined suite of services and cross-platform capabilities for publishers, advertisers, agencies and brands of all sizes. Our pure digital solutions reach consumers in ways that deliver true ROI

  • G9MD TV

    G9MD TV

    G9MD is a comprehensive on-line resource for medical education and currently provides in-depth coverage of the world’s premier orthopaedic meetings. G9MD provides clinicians and industry professionals with dynamic, interactive methods to manage a vast amount of educational opportunities and keep up-to-date in this ever-evolving field. G9MD features presentations, in-depth interviews with faculty, highly regarded educational conferences from around the world, ACCME credits, and information about the latest devices and drugs used in the daily practice of orthopaedic surgery. G9MD improves the quality of life for patients through improved methods of higher education and enhanced learning for the physicians that treat them. G9MD also advances the development and use of new safe and effective minimally invasive orthopaedic treatments by making information accessible to surgeons around the world

  • InteliVideo


    Intelivideo is the Video On Demand platform enabling any business to upload video, build a storefront, set its subscription or one-time transactional price and go live – all in an hour. The company built a robust platform that handles all technical elements for delivering digital video to your customers on any device at anytime. All you have to worry about is growing your On Demand business. The company help this effort by providing insight into customer behavior like demographics, length of engagement, how and where customers are accessing your content and much more

  • Katz Digital

    Katz Digital

    Katz Digital offers both audio and video in an expansive offering that is designed to make buying digital media buying easy. Katz Digital’s offerings encompass a full array of streaming products including: Audio anywhere streaming opportunities, with both Broadcast Streams and Pureplays; Podcasting; Programmatic Audio; and Digital Video /OTT platforms. Katz Media Group is comprised of two divisions: Katz Radio Group, the experts on results-driven radio campaigns; and Katz Television Group, the authority on television impact. A subsidiary of iHeartMedia, Katz Media Group is based in New York City with 15 regional offices

  • Stream Station

    Stream Station

    Stream Station, Inc. is now a full-functioning broadcast transmission network and operations center based in Charlotte, NC. The company team brings to the table over 100 years of broadcast and technology experience. The firm service clients around the world through live-streaming, OTT, VOD, Cloud storage and mobile app development. In 1997, Chip decided to travel as a freelance A1 and ENG for professional sports. Fast forward to 2009 where he worked as a full-time broadcast engineer when Live Shot Carolina was launched to host live-feeds for major media and sport networks

  • Vimond


    Vimond Media Solutions offers a modular, browser-based, online video platform with a highly efficient workflow for delivery of OTT live streams and VOD. The solutions are tailored to broadcasters, distributors and content owners around the world, providing an optimised, flexible and scalable platform to fit the needs of each customer. With headquarters in Bergen, Norway, and regional offices in New York, Sydney, and San Francisco, Vimond powers services for leading brands globally such as Thomson Reuters, iflix, Telia and Kayo (Streamotion). Vimond helps these companies to reach a rapidly changing digital audience by providing unique technology and expertise

  • Whip Media Group

    Whip Media Group

    Whip Media Group’s companies, including Mediamorph, TV Time and TheTVDB, offer a data-driven integrated cloud solution that empowers the world’s leading entertainment companies to efficiently acquire, distribute and monetize their content. Whip Media Group’s companies, including Mediamorph, TV Time and TheTVDB, offer a data-driven integrated cloud solution that empowers the world’s leading entertainment organizations to intelligently acquire, distribute and monetize their content